Who comes for counselling?

Clients come for many different reasons, often when we feel at a crisis point or that we want things to change. You may have a particular issue that has been troubling you, a pattern of things that keep going wrong or you may feel a general dissatisfaction with life that you cannot quite explain to yourself.

You may have tried other types of counselling before and found they did not seem to work for you or worked for a period of time until something triggered those uncomfortable or difficult feelings or behaviours again.

I am able to offer counselling sessions to individuals and couples aged 18 and over.

Why do people seek counselling?

We seek counselling for many different reasons. We may be experiencing feelings of depression, isolation, loss, anxiety or low self-esteem that keep them stuck in an uncomfortable place. Or we might be facing a life-changing event, struggling with relationships, grief or anger, or feel unable to cope with the pressures and challenges of life. We may be confused as to why they react as they do to people or events, or it may be memories from the past, painful occurrences in the present or worries about the future that prevent them from enjoying life as they would wish.

How can counselling help?

Counselling can offer a confidential, supportive service and the opportunity for change. I can provide a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings having been trained to listen in a non-directive way and to facilitate your own resources for change and the resolution of difficulties.

What happens in the initial consultation?

The first meeting will be opportunity to tell me about yourself, to discuss what has brought you to seek therapy, to get a sense of the way we might work together and for us to explore whether what I offer feels right for you. This is also a time for you to ask any questions you may have.

What happens after that?

We will meet on a weekly basis and each session will be 50 minutes.

Where will this take place?

My consulting rooms are in central Chelmsford. Click here for location and contact details.

Sophie Atkinson MBACP: Psychodynamic Counsellor in Chelmsford, Essex & London | M: 07881 635524